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Christians for National Liberation

Revolution In and Out of Season Christians for National Liberation Post-Election Statement

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Christians for National Liberation

The Christians for National Liberation dooms to the highest level the outcome of the May 2022 elections. It was a clear maneuvering of the ruling exploiting classes of landlords and big compradors blessed by the imperialists US and China. Again, it proves to the rottenness of the Philippine electoral system. Other than the fact that people are consigned to choosing reactionary politicians and their minions, huge amount of money is spent in the campaigns.

What is inscribed in Exodus 18:21, “But select from all the people some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as leaders over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten,” never happened, and certainly would never happen under the current social structure. As such, the outcome of the May 2022 Elections shuttered again the voice of the people, thus, muting at the same time God’s voice (vox Dei). To ensure that people’s voice is not heard, Marcos-Duterte tandem has exploited and maximized all machineries needed from malfunctioning of the 1,800 Vote Counting Machines to vote buying, red-tagging, disinformation, disenfranchisement of the voters, and all sorts of dirty evil designs and tactics to manipulate the elections in their favor. Aghast even before the election with the Duterte administration’s fascist and foolish rule, the relentless struggling masses of people envisioning worthwhile and lasting social change flock to the streets because of the elections result manipulation in favor of the Marcos-Duterte.

Once proclaimed as president, the dictator’s son would intensify fascist and tyrannical rule of the state through the NTF ELCAC and ATA and be more subservient to the imperialist prescriptions in favor of China, would let go Duterte and his gofer of their crimes against humanity. The unconfessed dictator’s son would toe the path of fascist dictatorship. Nonetheless, the situation becomes even more favorable both for armed and unarmed struggles and mass and middle forces’ radicalization.

We are reminded of the fact, and true to history, that never it shall be the solution to the persisting basic social problems the country is into now. Yes, we engage in election for possible reforms it may bring to the Filipino people. Hence, we ally with and even endorse political parties believing and hoping that Vox Populi, Vox Dei (The ‘the voice of the people is the voice of God’) rules. Sadly, and disgustingly, what was heard was the god of wealth and power.

The CNL together with other progressive political organizations endorsed Robredo-Pangilinan conjunction and Party List because they emerged consistent, credible and viable opposition, with highest chance to defeat the Marcos and Duterte tandem. Nevertheless, their endorsement is not tantamount to sidetracking the rightness of the National Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective. Meaning, armed struggle remains to be a solid approach to smash and topple down evil powers and principalities reigning over nations and peoples, with the CPP-NPA being the vanguard till genuine liberation comes. More than this, the CNL heightens building alliance work and united front and strengthens “softening the ground” and base building works to expand its rank and ultimately recruit deeply stanched individuals to join the revolutionary army to further build up the New People’s Army. Ours is revolution in and out of season.

Sustain and advance the consolidation and building up of the Party, the revolutionary underground movement in the city and widen and expand support the armed struggle in the countryside!

Advance the National Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective!

Onward Christians for National Liberation!

Long live the National Democratic Front!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!


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Renmin Malaya, Spokesperon, Christians for National Liberation

The Christians for National Liberation (CNL) joins the National Democratic Revolution of the Philippines and the 15 member organizations in the celebration of its 49- year anniversary. Surely, this is a momentous occasion to once again celebrate the past, present and near future victories of the National Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective. It continues to bravely face the test of perseverance and steadfastness to the revolutionary struggle while uniting and expanding the revolutionary struggle then and now, It remains vigorous and ever “faithful” to the cause of the struggling poor; even as it faces with renewed vigor and commitment the tyrannical, fool and puppet Duterte regime.

Our revolutionary fervor hails the NDFP for its keenness against the moves of the Philippine government to discredit and malign the democratic front accused of being a terrorist movement cuddling allied “terrorist organizations.” We cannot be silent on this manipulation and devilish tactics by emphasizing that the real terrorist is the US- Duterte government who does all its best to dupe the people to believing that his government is leaving legacies of change and development. But social realities say otherwise. Instead, this government this government is leaving legacies of tyranny, corruption, misgovernance, crimes against humanity, and many more evil deeds.

The CNL pictures the lonely fading of Duterte and his minions barely two months from now. Besieged people’s claim for authentic revolutionary transformation is remarkable even as they involve in the politics of change while aware always of the fact that such a change isn’t the real answer to the crises of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. These social ills the son of deposed dictator and another pool Marcos son wants to preserve as the latter does all his best as well in alliance with tyrannical family of Arroyo, and of course the Dutertes to be back in power through national election. Nevertheless, we believe the vigilant and consolidated masses won’t allow such to prosper. Thus united front works are underway to bring the Church closer to the people’s struggle and isolate those against genuine transformation.

We pay highest tribute as well to the revolutionary Christian martyrs and all the revolutionary forces for offering their whole lives to the point of suffering and death to share with the cause of the national democratic revolution. Theirs is a heritage of sublime prowess and moving devotion for life’s meaning and fullness; the way Jesus of Nazareth lived in his lifetime. CNL history tells of Christian people, clergy, nuns and lay, who cuddled the highest form of struggle and joined the armed struggle with the New People’s Army. Those who chose the “white areas” were resolute in supporting the mass movements and championing and expanding the works of arousing, organizing and mobilizing of the basic sectors. The same ardor stands today amongst these Christian people who clearly understand and live out God’s greatest commandment “to love God and neighbor” translated even passionately in serving the people.

Today, the CNL consistently adheres to the NDFP Program in making flesh and blood “national liberation and democracy that seeks to provide a broad basis of unity for all social classes, sectors, groups and individual Filipinos here and abroad desirous of genuine national freedom and democracy, lasting peace and a progressive Philippines.” This and the rest of the programs it embraces.  CNL conforms also  to the authenticity of the armed revolution to topple down the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system depriving the Filipino people of their God-given rights to live as humans of sacred and highest worth.

Long live the National Democratic Revolution!

Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army!

Support the People’s War! Join the New People’s Army!

Defeat imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

CNL condemns ‘terror’ designation of NDFP member organizations; the US-Duterte Regime is the Real Terrorist 

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Christians for National Liberation

The Christians for National Liberation (CNL), the underground revolutionary organization of Christians and church people, strongly condemns the tyrannical US-Duterte regime for the recent terrorist designation of CNL and 15 other member organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) through the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC). 

The CNL asserts that its rationale of arousing, organizing, and mobilizing among the Christians and church people to support the people’s war is rooted in the just and rightful cause of dismantling the oppressive and exploitative structures in semi-colonial, semi-feudal Philippine society. For CNL, the evils are real on earth – US imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism which have plagued the country.

The bourgeois state represented by the butcher Rodrigo Duterte and kowtowing to his twin masters US and China is the main instrument of the ruling classes which imposes its will and violates people’s rights. Duterte is now paving the way for the restoration of yet the greatest devil in the country’s history – the world-class corrupt, murderous Marcoses—through dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s bid for the presidency. 

We mark our 50th year this 2022 and stand proud that our faith in God has concretely translated in service to the people by being with them in the frontlines of struggle, especially the countryside where a people’s war has been waged for over five decades now. Our preferential option for the poor has long gone beyond prayers alone but into the daily life and death struggle of the masses, especially the peasants, workers, fisherfolk, urban poor, indigenous peoples, and women.

We are proud of our CNL martyrs who have taken the highest form of sacrifice for the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. We take great inspiration from Gomburza, which marks its 150th year, in fighting against imperialism (then Spanish colonialism) and all forms of local reaction. None of these actions are terrorist. 

The US-Duterte regime is the real terrorist. It has unleashed brutal attacks on the Filipino people on all fronts. Continued adherence to neoliberal dictates sees all-time high unemployment of 3.2 million; a staggering foreign debt of  PhP 11 T by 2021 and projected to P14 T by the end of Duterte’s term in June 2022, and greater poverty especially in rural areas.  

Duterte leaves a notorious blood trail for the thousands killed in its sham drug war that has killed the poor; and a counterinsurgency program that has killed, arrested, disappeared, harassed activists and critics, including peace consultants of the NDFP. Its worsening militarist orientation has effectively closed the door on the peace process also with the passage of the Anti-Terror Law (from which the ATC derives its abuses), its EO 70 Whole of Nation Approach and creation of the corrupt, red-tagging unit NTF-ELCAC, and the earlier terrorist designations of the Communist Party of the Philippines, NDFP, NDFP Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison and NDFP Interim Chair Julieta de Lima, and now the 16 NDFP member organizations.  

It is ridiculous, if not for its deadly implications, that the regime designates as terrorists the NDFP with whom it has been holding peace negotiations, on and off, since 1991. It has brazenly violated previously held agreements including the Hague Joint Declaration, the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIHL), and the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG). All peace consultants extrajudicially killed and illegally arrested are JASIG holders. The regime is now peddling localized peace talks in violation of these agreements in order to line the pockets of corrupt officials for fake rebel surrenderees, E-CLIP, and others, as well as exposure to direct danger to all those involved in the talks.  

Playing straight from the US-directed counter-insurgency program playbook, it has launched massive aerial bombings in at least eight communities starting last year: Northern and Eastern Samar, Bukidnon, and Mindoro Oriental, Cagayan, Abra, Quezon, Iloilo. These violate International Humanitarian Law. 

We remain committed to supporting the people not only in exacting accountability from Duterte, his imperialist masters, and local cohorts. We continue to arduously work for the NDFP 12-point program whose principal task is to unite the people for the overthrow of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system through a people’s war and for the completion of the national democratic revolution. 

The brutal actions of the terrorist US-Duterte regime will never cower us into retreat. As the crisis of the ruling system intensifies, state repression will breed more and more resistance, more revolutionaries as in the dark days of the Marcos dictatorship. 

Overthrow the US-Duterte Regime! 

Wage the People’s War! 

Raise High the Banner of the Revolution! 

Defeat Marcos Restoration in Malacanang! 

Long live the Christians for National Liberation! 

Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines! 

Long live the New People’s Army!  

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines! 

Onward with the Revolution until Victory! 

Celebrate CNL’s 50th Anniversary, Wage the National Democratic Revolution with Greater Commitment and Sacrifice

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Renmin Malaya, Spokesperson
Christians for National Liberation
16 February 2022
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We celebrate the Christians for National Liberation 50th Anniversary amidst the worsening socio-political and economic crises chiefly brought about by US imperialism and local reaction as this diabolic system burdens impoverished countries preserving them as neo-colonial countries consequently wreaking havoc on peoples. Unemployment, absence of basic social service—education, plunder of natural resources for profits of transnational corporations that worship mammon (god of wealth) become the formidable order each day.

Such experiences fuel Filipinos especially the impoverished and exploited poor to decisively engage in movements arousing, mobilizing and organizing people to fully understand and embrace the validity of armed revolution as a way towards genuine and significant social transformation.

These aforementioned realities burden the Filipino people as many become unwilling victims of sham war on drugs; anti-insurgency operations resulting to arrests, killings, vilifications and red tagging on activities through the Duterte Government’s NTF-ELCAC as well as the heartless bombings in many communities; cancellation of the peace talks; passing of the Anti-Terror-Law; arresting of NDFP consultants among others. These crimes against humanity are proofs of tyranny and fascism by this government even more fuel resistance among people who now collectively struggle to make Duterte accountable through the International Criminal Court. Moreover, the people exert all energies today to impede dictator and plunderer Marcos family’s return to power whose way is being arduously prepared for by this same corrupt, fascist and tyrannical Duterte.

We celebrate CNL’s Golden Anniversary honoring and saluting the people’s army and revolutionary Christians who were challenged with social realities and faith, chose to be in solidarity with people’s relentless struggle and even taking part in the armed struggle to free the Philippines from the shackles of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, the real dragons and evils that continue to trample and devour people and nations of their God-ordained rights to sovereignty and abundant life.

Our anniversary festivity is inspired by the biblical drama of the Israelites saga for freedom against foreign domination and exploitation. One narrative relevant to this is God’s command to observe the Jubilee Year wherein people were instructed to “Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan. The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines For it is a jubilee and is to be holy for you; eat only what is taken directly from the fields.” (Leviticus 25:10-12)

Nonetheless, it was alluded that such occasion was never observed. Isaiah for example describes that while Israel was believed to the “vineyard of the LORD Almighty is the nation of Israel, and the people of Judah are the vines he delighted in,” God saw bloodshed instead of justice and heard cries of distress instead of righteousness. Still other texts support the claim (Ezek. 7:12, 13; Neh. 5:1–19).

But for CNL, winning the people’s war and eventual realization of our vision for genuine transformation of social structures depriving people of what it means to be humans and oppressing countries and nations that should exist and persist as people enjoying full rights and profusion are never illusions but concerted actions. It firmly affirms the vision for genuine transformation and liberation shall be realized as it consistently adheres to the merit of aforementioned biblical narrative interpreted as the realization of the new democratic revolution with socialist perspective and motivated by Christian tenet of loving God by loving and serving people. Commitment and sacrifice of the proletariat as the redeeming class and peasants as the principal force under the unyielding guidance and inspiration of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army are beyond measure. We are winning the war with greater commitment and sacrifice. Hence, our highest salute and honor.

CNL’s celebration highlights critical analysis of Christianity and faith that must be translated or lived out in the ardent struggle for national democracy with socialist perspective as it constantly consolidates and expands its rank.

Subsequently, we commit ourselves anew to remain steadfast in our firm resolve to champion the cause of the revolution until victory is won. Our hearts are filled with revolutionary optimism as crystalized by people’s great commitment and readiness to offer their energy and whole being to such valiant, life-giving and enhancing tasks. All this for liberation and abundant life on earth as it is in heaven as God wills it.

Support the People’s War!
Wage the National Democratic Revolution!
Join the Christians for National Liberation!
Happy 50th Anniversary!

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